About Striping

example‚P> Ms.A-who owns a cafe

Q. There's enough space in front of my cafe to park two cars, but no space divider. So depending on the way my customers park, sometimes only one car can fit. On top of that, the orthodontist's customers next door use my parking space as well. What should I do ? Who should I call for such a small job ?

A. No problem-there's no job too small for us to handle. Why not add a white divider line to clealy mark two parking spaces ? There's also the option of marking each space (store name, letters, numbers, etc.).
example‚Q> Mr.B-who wants to remodel his suppermarket parking lot.

Q. I'm planning on remodeling my supermarket parking lot. I already have space dividers, but those are fading fast. I also want to make it so that my customers have an easy time entering and leaving the lot. What are my options ?

A. Leave it to us ! We'll restripe your lot. If you want your customers to smoothly maneuver through, may we suggest adding painted signs (stop signs, arrows, crosswalks, etc.), or a pedestrian crosswalk ? We carry a variety of different options for you to choose from.


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