We have divided our work into two categories:

@General striping


As in the left picture, general striping includes lane dividers and crosswalks.
Also:painted "No Parking" and stop signs, bicycle lane symbols, etc.

Parking lot striping

Without parking spaces, lots become congested and reduces the possible number of cars that are able to fit.
Try dividing up parking spaces with white or yellow lines, adding numbers or lettering each parking space, etc, to maximize lot usage.

We also restripe existing and fading lines.

Highlighted company features We value promptness ! Although we are centered in Nagoya City, we are not restricted to the area.
There's no job too small-we'll handle what big companies don't bother with.
Not only are we affordable, we don't quit until the job's done right.
Other services We also do Asphalt Cutting etc. See Profile.
If we don't handle it (ex. road construction), we have a good list of companies that do. Please consult with us.


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